INS LAW NETWORK is a law firm/network that works primarily in INDIA. Being one of the largest law network, it has a whooping capacity to hold cent percent legal  work of mega multinational corporate like finance institutions,insurance sector,manufacturers etc.The Network believes in expeditious advocacy and lays strict adherence to “JUSTICE DELAYED JUSTICE DENIED’ . the network has been a feasting boost for young talented lawyers who bloom under the name of network itself.

INS LAW NETWORK is one of the few govt. regd. law firms in india which happens to be an alternative to dozens of lawyers. TO bring you the INS LAW NETWORK in effective lines we set the following features:

  1. an innovative network that has a capacity to hold and run the law departments of dozens of multinational units.
  2. attorneys having up to 45 years of bar practice .
  3. being a legal entity the network holds the promise of a juristic person.
  4. digital and modern facilities to the clients like online status updates of cases available etc.
  5. only law firm to rectify the loss of his client if same happens due to the negligence of network…..
  6. does patent/copyright registration and other relevant registrations

Each case is unique and each client receives our full attention to conduct a thorough investigation, and fulfill all procedural and evidentiary rights.

Our Attorneys

Bhat Ishrat

Bhat Ishrat is a prominant Advocate & legal consultant who makes your documents as well as other decisions immensely sound .

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Mohammad Amin Padder

Attorney Mohammad Amin Padder has a track record of recovery in civil matters. He is a protector of individual rights.

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Sameer Ahmad Lone

Mr. S.A Lone is one of the most important pillars of the Network. His ideal approach in dealing the civil matters in court of law has beared him the best success percentage .... ...

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