What is the difference between a will and a gift in Muslim law?

Definition of will:

A will a conferment of rights property in a specific thing or a profit or an advantage or in gravity to take effect on the death of the testator.
Fatawa alamgiri:
Will is a legal declaration of the intention of a testator with respect to his property which desires to be carried into effect his death.

Definition of gift (Hibba):

A hibba is a transfer of Tengible property without consideration.
It is the immediate and unqualified transfer of the corpus of the property without any return.

Difference between gift and will:
I. As to completion:

Will is aecuted after the death of the testator.
Gift is completed during the life time of the donor.
II. As to condition:
Will is dependent upon a condition i.e. the death of the testator.
Gift is operated immediately.
III. As to revocation:
Will can be revoked at any time before the death of testator.
Gift after the delivery of the possession is usually irrevocable.
IV. As to limitation:
In will the right of making a will is limited in two ways.
In gift the right of donor to gift is unrestricted.
V. As to existence of subject matter:
It is not necessary that subject matter of the will must be exist at the time of making will.
The subject of gift must be in existence at the time of making gift.
VI. As to delivery of possession:
Delivery of possession is not required in the will.
In a gift there must be delivery of the possession of the property to the donee.
VII. As to doctrine of mushaa:
The doctrine of Mushaa has no application in case of will.
The doctrine of Mushaa is applicable in case of gift.
VIII. As to acceptance:
In will acceptance by the legatee in not necessary.
In gift acceptance by the legatee in necessary.
IX. As to registration:
Registration of will is optional.
Gift must be registered under the registration act.
X. As to insanity:
The subsequent insanity of the testator makes the will void.
Gift after the delivery of the possession is irrevocable on the ground of insanity.
XI. As to consideration:
A will is always without consideration.
In some case there is consideration in gift.

The gift is the transfer of property which is made immediately and without any exchange by one person to another will is dependent upon a condition lies the death of the testator. the gift and will are two different things under Islamic law.

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