Criminal Law Lawyers

Criminal law is one of the most historic legislations in the world. With man descending the inherited aggression and a behavior of errors the acts need to be controlled with strict legislations like penal codes. Knowing the strict criminal laws with punishments that could greatly affect the freedom and basic fundamental rights of a citizen  accused individuals will require the assistance of an attorney so that no innocent shall be punished or face double jeopardy..

Crimes of a more serious nature are classified as felonies. These carry punishments of years or upto life imprisonment in state or central prison. Felonies include violent crimes like murder, burglary, and rape, as well as white collar crimes like embezzlement and money laundering.

Protecting Your Rights.

Each stage of a criminal prosecution presents traps for defendants who are not familiar with the court system. Criminal defense attorneys are trained to prevent their clients from doing or saying things that will increase the likelihood of conviction. But when legal counsel has not been hired or appointed, accused individuals can unknowingly waive their rights and harm their own interests.

For example, following an arrest, law enforcement will question a suspect in regards to the crime. The officers will inform the suspect of his or her “Miranda rights” (right to remain silent, right to an attorney), and then attempt to elicit a confession. Without a lawyer present, defendants can make incriminating statements that will later be used against them in court.
In both misdemeanors and felonies, an arraignment will be held in open court. The judge will explain the nature of the charges to the defendant and ask for a plea. Without the assistance of an attorney, defendants will often plead guilty at this initial stage. By doing so, they are giving up important rights, as well as the opportunity to negotiate the terms of their sentence beforehand.

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