Justice Bhagwati is no more

Former Chief Justice of India, Justice PN Bhagwati passed away today at around 8 pm. He was critically ill. Justice Bhagwati was 95 years old.

Justice Bhagwati had graduated in law from Government Law College, Bombay and started his practice in Bombay High Court. He became a judge of the Gujarat High Court in 1960 and the Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court in 1967. He was elevated to Supreme Court in 1973 and became the Chief Justice of India on July 12, 1985. He retired as CJI on December 20, 1986.

Justice Bhagwati is known for introducing and pioneering Public Interest Litigation which transformed the legal landscape in India.

Justice Bhagwati had participated in the Freedom movement and courted arrest in 1942 and had gone underground for four months.

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